Travelling abroad is the ideal opportunity to get in order with your standard vaccinations, such as against tetanus and polio. Other vaccinations must be considered based on your specific travel conditions. Contact your doctor to discuss your case individually.

Visit the website of the Institute of Tropical Medicine to check required or recommended vaccinations for your destination.

Travel pharmacy

Prepare a small travel pharmacy with all the necessary medicines. For some destinations, a doctor’s certificate is required if you carry medicines on prescription with you.

Travel insurance

Check before departure whether your travel insurance offers sufficient coverage and protection for your way of travelling. An adapted travel insurance with a sufficient coverage limit is highly recommended, especially when you plan a long journey. Our travel agents are happy to give you the necessary advice. For more information, please contact: Katrien Soetemans.

Add the emergency number of your travel insurance and the phone number of our office to your contact list. In case of an emergency, you do not have to lose time searching for the right contact details.

Are you Belgian? Register your trip!

Are you planning a long journey? Register your trip abroad via In the event of serious unforeseen circumstances at your destination, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware that you are there.

Inform friends and relatives

Inform friends and relatives about your trip. Omnia Travel is GDPR compliant and does not pass on information about your trip to third parties.