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Our greatest asset?
A personalised service for all your business travel in combination with savings on your travel expenditures.

Mobile App

LCC mobile app Thanks to our cooperation with LCC Global Travel, all our travellers can freely use an app which has many useful features for when they are en route. Via this LCC app, travellers can find and manage their travel itinerary, wherever and whenever they want to. The application gives essential information about every stage of your journey, e.g. about flight status, driving directions, weather information, currency exchange rates… You can find more information about the LCC mobile app here.

Personal account management

Omnia Travel – Business Travel believes in a personal approach, but one with the necessary record knowledge. That is also why a personal account manager will already be appointed to you upon your very first enquiry. He or she will be responsible for the follow-up of your record.  You are in charge, but he/she will think with you and, if necessary, for you. This way of working makes things easier for you and proves to be highly efficient. Many times, our strategy results in a thorough optimisation of your travel expenditures.

Flexible service

Our account managers will go as far as you want them to. Do you want to organise everything yourself? Our online booking tool for business will help you with all the details. Do you prefer to get things done for you? Then, you will receive full-service travel advice by telephone, via e-mail, or directly in one of our 6 branch offices. Omnia Travel has one business travel branch office in each Flemish province and one in Brussels, which makes things even more convenient for you. If you have a large travel budget, Omnia Travel can even implement a fully-fledged business travel department within your company. Our service always meets your requirements.

Omnia Travel - Business Travel excels at:

  • personal service
  • high flexibility
  • professional budget management
  • fast follow-up

These strengths emerged from our last customer satisfaction survey. So, you do not have to just take our word for it.

“Good follow-up, fast answers by email, good reachability by phone, pleasant and efficient contact person.”

Traveller - Bert Van Loock

“The assistance I receive is prompt, accurate and meets my needs.”

Traveller - Anonymous

“Fast response, helpful and kind travel agents. Professional attitude”

Booker - Hanna Csonka

Budget management and optimisation

Efficiency is a state of mind. Budget management is not a specific goal, but it is a pleasant side effect of doing things efficiently. Many clients who trust Omnia Travel with their full mobility budget management and optimisation are surprised. We think that saving costs can and must be done in many ways: details do matter and small cost savings will quickly result in a significant saving. Because of the efficient way of working, Omnia Travel can offer its clients very competitive prices. Our one-stop-shop invoicing enables you to immediately check your cost structure and it requires only a one-time payment: either by credit card or bank transfer.

Real-time risk management

The travel industry is a quickly-changing industry. This is why your account manager always keeps a finger on the pulse. Thanks to real-time travel alerts, you will be notified every time an interesting offer is available for you. You can always count on your account manager, even when you are abroad. This way, an adequate solution to every problem is never far away.

Locally anchored, international network

Omnia Travel always wants to respond as quickly as possible to your travel wishes and needs, regardless of the situation. Thanks to Omnia Travel’s 6 branch offices and its efficient corporate online booking tool, your personal Omnia Travel account manager is always by your side.

Next to the strong local anchoring, Omnia Travel has an extensive international network: the Lufthansa City Center network makes sure that you can count on our service 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Also good to know: this worldwide alliance is not connected to the eponymous airline!

The main advantages for you are:

  • A 24/7 travel helpline outside office hours and in emergency situations

  • Competitive tariffs from various suppliers, across national borders

  • Partnerships with international accounts

  • Information exchange and cooperation with partner travel agencies in over 90 countries

Zakenreizen - Lokaal verankerd Internationaal netwerk

A 24/7 service, also in emergency situations

As the safety of our clients is vital to us, Omnia Travel carefully follows up which travellers go to which destinations. This enables us to quickly provide you with crucial information in crisis situations. Are you on a business trip and do you urgently need help yourself? We are 24/7 at your service: during office hours our employees are at your service, outside office hours you can call the Travel Helpline of the Lufthansa City Center in Berlin (paying service).

Online booking tool for business

Our online booking tool can be best compared to a tailor-made travel portal for your business. The technology behind this booking tool, Cytric, was designed in such a way that businesses can quickly and efficiently book their business travel themselves, while at the same time saving costs. Our pricing is straightforward: apples will be compared with apples, pears with pears (e.g. low cost vs scheduled flights). This allows you to correctly make reservations, in full knowledge and in accordance with the company travel policy. The online booking tool not only includes hotels and flights, but you can also make reservations for rental cars and other extra services. Thanks to this integration, all your reservations will be combined within one final invoice. It is easy, organised, and you only need to pay once.

You will find more information about the online booking tool for business here.

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