Traffic rules

Please be aware of differences in traffic rules and speed limits when travelling abroad. Make sure that you are adequately informed before departure.

Toll roads and vignettes

Many countries introduced a toll or special vignette for people who want to use the highways or enter major cities by car. For instance, Austrian and Swiss highways are only accessible after the purchase of a road vignette. In many major German cities, entrance by car is only allowed after the purchase of a environmental vignette, the ‘Umweltplakette’. France recently introduced a vignette as well, which is obligatory for whole regions in case of major air pollution. Inform yourself well in advance in order to avoid fines. Moreover, never blindly follow the instructions of a GPS.

Rental car

Would you like to discover your holiday destination by rental car? Book your rental car before departure. Next to this, do not forget your european driving licence. For some destinations, an international driving licence is required.

For the rental car, you usually have to present a credit card in the name of the main driver when collecting the car.

Book your rental car without worries