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The Omnia Travel checklist before departure

Omnia Travel makes the difference by thinking together with you and sometimes even thinking for you. Such is the case for all practical arrangements that have to be made before departure. Below, you can find a useful checklist. Go over this list, tick off the checkboxes, and you will notice that Omnia Travel supports you down to the smallest detail, saving you a lot of work.

Boarding documents

It is obligatory to always carry a valid identity card with you. A passport is also required for most countries outside the Schengen Area. You have to submit an application file to obtain it and the passport itself will be valid for a period of max. 7 years. A normal application procedure takes 8 days, a shortened application submission via an emergency procedure at surcharge takes 2 to 3 days.

If you want to check whether you need or not need a passport, please visit or ask one of our Omnia Travel agents for more information.

For trips abroad where no passport is required, children under 12 must be in possession of a Kids ID. This electronic identity card has to be requested at the municipal authority on time, since the delivery period is usually 3 weeks. For travel to countries that do require a passport, all children under 12 need to have an international passport on their own. This passport is valid for 5 years. The child must be present at the application.

Up-to-date information on the Kids ID and passport can be found here.

For some destinations, you will need a visa in addition to a passport. You can easily check online whether you need a visa and what you need to do to obtain one. Too much of a hassle? Omnia Travel can arrange it for you. We are aware of the latest procedures and forms, and on your request, we visit the embassies in Brussels. We try our very best to handle even last-minute requests successfully.

Check whether you need a visa and apply through CIBTvisas

If you travel to the USA, you must consider the following additional safety measures:

  • As a part of the Electronic Advanced Passenger Info System (eAPIS) travellers to the USA are required to submit an ESTA application online. More info about ESTA can be found here, you can submit your application here.
  • In order to book your ticket, we also need your passport details. Therefore, please provide us – together with your booking request – a scanned copy of your passport.
  • Upon check-in at the airport, you must also be able to provide both a name and address of residence. This can be a hotel or a family’s or friends’ address. If you have booked a “fly & drive”, you must submit the name and address of the car rental company as well. These coordinates must be complete, to avoid the risk of being denied access on boarding the aircraft.
  • Due to these security procedures, you might experience additional waiting times while travelling to the USA. We therefore advise all our customers to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure and to first go to the check-in desk.


Return as healthy as you left? The Institute of Tropical Medicine extensively informs you about the vaccinations you might need and the precautions you should take before travelling to your destination.

Enter your destination here and you know exactly what to do.

For information concerning vaccinations for specific destinations, you can also contact the following centres:

  • Antwerp: Polikliniek van het Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde,
  • Bruges: AZ Sint-Jan, Travel Clinic, 050 45 38 90
  • Ghent: UZ Gent, Travel Clinic, polikliniek 2, 09 332 23 50 of 09 332 23 45
  • Hasselt: vaccinatiecentrum Virga Jesseziekenhuis, 011 30 97 40
  • Ieper: Regionaal ziekenhuis Jan Yperman, 057 35 71 80
  • Leuven: UZ Gasthuisberg, Dienst Inwendige Ziekten, 016 34 47 75
  • Brussels: Travel Clinic UMC Sint-Pieter, 02 535 33 43

Always think about an appropriate travel insurance for the trip you booked. Omnia Travel offers you all the advice necessary.
For more information you can always consult: Katrien Soetemans


Everybody who travels by plane is advised to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure for short-distance flights and 3 hours for long-distance flights.

If you want to avoid waiting at the check-in desk, you can easily do this by checking in online. The only thing you need close to you is your ‘Booking Reference Number’ or ‘E-ticket number’.

An overview with web pages of several airlines, on which you can do your online check-in, can be found here.

There are heavy restrictions on carrying liquids and potentially dangerous objects in your hand luggage. For your own safety, all hand luggage will be carefully checked.
Please consider some waiting time and try not to extend it by sticking to the rules and regulations.


Getting quickly from the airport to your destination? Or vice versa? Click here for a list of official (and reliable) transfer services in key destinations. Or let us book them for you.

A rental car in Europe or (far) beyond? Book the best all-inclusive prices here without hidden charges!

Many German cities and regions have implemented an environmental zone where cars, buses, and trucks are denied access depending on their outlet of fine dust or where they are only allowed in if they purchase a vignette: the Umweltplakette. This measure also applies to tourists, even if they only pass through Germany on their way.

More interesting links

The European Union has launched a new website with many practical tips about travelling in Europe. Among others, you will find information on driving licenses, motor insurances, pet passports, the free movement of persons within the Schengen Area, the use of the Euro, import and export restrictions, the different time zones, and all public holidays in the E.U. Click here for the link to the website.

  • Would you like to know the weather forecast or the snow depth at your destination?
  • Addresses of European airports, departure and arrival.
  • Flemish motorist association (VAB).
  • Exchange rates.
  • List of airlines with an exploitative ban within the European Union.

Your rights as a passenger

Boarding refused? A cancellation? A long delay? Know your rights as a passenger and where you can file a complaint.

  • Everything about your rights and obligations travelling within the European Union: click here.
  • Your rights as a traveller listed: click here.
  • Lost or damaged luggage? Here you can read what you can and must do.
  • Travel advice, Belgians abroad…: here you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Also good to know.

Bringing a souvenir with you

Why load yourself with souvenirs if you can give someone the same Omnia Travel experience as a gift?