Omnia Travel is prepared for everything.

The Omnia Travel checklist before departure

Omnia Travel makes the difference and thinks along with you. Sometimes we even think for you. That is the case for all practical arrangements that have to be made before departure. Below, you can find a useful checklist. Go over this list and you will notice that Omnia Travel supports you down to the smallest detail. It will not only save you a lot of time but a lot of effort as well.

  • Health and safety abroad

Health and safety abroad

Vaccinations Travelling abroad is the ideal opportunity to get in order with your standard vaccinations, such as against tetanus and polio. Other vaccinations must be considered based on your specific [...]

  • Souvenirs


Upon return to Belgium, travellers can be checked for the possession of counterfeit goods and antiquities. Counterfeit goods will be confiscated and fines of up to 20.000 EUR can be imposed. [...]

  • Handbagage - vloeistoffen

Hand luggage

To safeguard the safety of passengers and/or aircraft, international rules apply on what passengers can or cannot carry on board an aircraft. This means that all pointed or blunt items that [...]