How can a company better manage its travel costs? The solution is CYTRIC, a system in which all processes can be controlled from the beginning to the end by the travel manager. The travel manager dashboard gives an overview of all booked trips in real time. Moreover, the CYTRIC system reports about the travel policy and gives overviews of the number of bookings per category or supplier.

The CYTRIC travel arranger dashboard is a useful tool to book any trip. The Dynaweb technology gives access to different channels to book regular flights, 72 low cost airlines & charters (a.o. Ryanair, Wizzair, Easyjet, TUI fly), webfares (a.o. Vueling, Aer Lingus), rental cars, hotels (HRS, hotel chains,, as well as trains (TGV, Thalys, Eurostar, ICE). The system will make sure that every booking matches the corporate travel policy.

Thanks to the sophisticated price module, you will always get a complete image of the various possibilities, so that you will always book the best option.

Uw reisbudget wordt bepaald door uw reisbeleid

Omnia Travel is linked to CYTRIC online and as a result plays an important role in the real-time booking process. The client can always call an Omnia Travel Business Travel Consultant, ask for alterations en see these immediately in the CYTRIC portal.

CYTRIC also offers some extra options:

  • “CYTRIC” Mobile App: ​The traveller stays in contact with CYTRIC. He or she receives a push notification of each booking, can ask for information, or do an online check-in. The personal CYTRIC portal allows the traveller to make changes to his or her reservation(s) at any time.
  • “CYTRIC” Expense: This module collects all additional travel expenses. As a result of this, the client will receive a complete cost overview.

Thanks to CYTRIC, you can now operate your travel service much more efficiently. The Travel Manager cannot only determine the travel policy, but also manage and even control it.

CYTRIC guarantees the lowest pricing rates, the best offers, and important savings in both budget and time. In this system, a travel policy can finally be implemented, controlled, and reported.

If you decide to implement CYTRIC via Omnia Travel, you will book all your business trips in an easier, more organised, and cheaper way. CYTRIC gives you full control of the business travel booking process in your company.

CYTRIC offers travel quotes at the best rates: flights, hotels, rental cars, and even train tickets. The Dynaweb technology combines the reservation systems of more than 70 low cost airlines, 100.000 hotels, diverse car rental companies, and even train products, such as TGV, Thalys, Eurostar, ICE…

If your company is in direct contract with suppliers, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, or rail partners, Omnia Travel will add all the correct tariffs to your personal CYTRIC profile.

CYTRIC implements your travel policy down to the very last detail, which is undoubtedly cost-saving!

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