If you organise your business trips yourself, your search for the most advantageous options costs you both a lot of time and money. You want to compare prices of different suppliers: those of a travel agent, those on the internet, and those directly from the supplier. Spreading travel services across different suppliers many times results in a weak reporting of your booked trips. Moreover, this strategy is often accompanied by rather high travel expenses.

If you recognize this issue, CYTRIC might be the solution

With CYTRIC, your business trips are managed efficiently, fast, and cheaply online. The CYTRIC technology, which was developed by the German technology company i:Fao, is used by Omnia Travel in its online booking tool for business.

The advantages of Cytric – An online booking tool for business

  • Clear overview
  • User-friendly for everyone
  • Cost-saving because of the total package
  • Management tool: to measure is to know!
  • CYTRIC mobile app for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Android
  • Modular design: pre-trip and post-trip
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